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Parkersburg Cardiology Associates, Inc. is proud to provide the residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley with access to well-equipped cardiovascular facilities and up-to-date cardiovascular procedures.  Parkersburg Cardiology Associates, Inc. offers, performs, and interprets such procedures within the office suite and at two local hospitals, enabling local residents to receive cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment without the need to travel a significant distance from home. examination room
Parkersburg Cardiology Associates 15,000-square foot office suite was designed by architects who specialize in the design of medical facilities.  The procedures and testing performed by PCA's cardiologists within the office suite include electrocardiograms, lab work, congestic heart failure clinic, holter monitoring, event monitoring, lipid screenings, exercise stress tests, nuclear stress tests, echocardiography, stress echocardiography, device checks, vascular ultrasounds and screenings, external counterpulsation, and cardiac education.
Parkersburg Cardiology Associates cardiologists hold privileges at Camden Clark Medical Center (CCMC), a regional cardiac services center consisting of the St. Joseph’s Campus and the Memorial Campus, Sistersville General Hospital and Jackson General Hospital.  In 2015, CCMC consolidated all of it's cardiac services onto the Memorial Campus.  This resulted in 3 new cardiac catheterization laboratories and an overal state of the art cardicac care facility.  Parkersburg Cardiology Associates performs diagnostic catheterizations, angioplasties, cardiac and peripheral interventions, endovascular procedures, pacemaker implantation, and internal cardiac defibrillator implantation within these laboratories; in addition, CCMC offers open-heart procedures.
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