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With nearly all of the United States population reachable by overnight delivery, and with major metropolitan areas situated just a few hours’ drive in any direction, the Wood County, West Virginia area has the advantage of location without many of the high costs associated with other locales in America. In fact, Business Facilities magazine ranked West Virginia the #1 business location in the mid-Atlantic region and the tenth-best place to be in America.



Wood County Schools is one of America's leading local school systems. With national award-winning teachers and instructional offerings ranging from preschool to graduate-level, it continually ranks as one of the top school systems in the state. Test scores run at or above the national average, and the pupil-teacher ratio is one of the best in the country.



Parkersburg has become a regional healthcare center with outstanding physicians, hospitals, and specialized services. Camden-Clark Medical Center, consisting of the Memorial Campus and St. Joseph's Campus are anchors the "medical mile" in Parkersburg, with the PARS Brain and Spine Clinic and a variety of specialists located between the hospitals. /p>



Commercial diversity have given Wood County much economic strength and stamina. The area is a lead partner with the Polymer Alliance Zone, and the E.I. du Pont plant just south of Parkersburg is one of the company's largest facilities. GE Plastics is also a major employer in Wood County. Parkersburg is known as the "Savings Bond Capital of the World," since it serves as the home of the U.S. Treasury's Bureau of the Public Debt. The Bureau has been located in Parkersburg since 1957, and it employs approximately 1800 people.



The Wood County area is home to the Parkersburg Art Center and the Blennerhassett Island Historic State Park. The county also has a symphony and great libraries. The Smoot Theater and the Actors Guild offer big-city entertainment in a small-town venue. The Oil & Gas Museum, the Blennerhassett Museum, and Henderson Hall all serve as a reminder of the area's colorful past. Several public parks, considered among the finest in the state, dot the landscape.

Our program offers both inpatient and outpatient therapy to our patients suffering from congestive heart failure. For inpatients, upon admission to CCMC, a patient with a primary diagnosis of congestive heart failure will be seen in consultation by a cardiologist and followed by a dedicated transition coach. The coach will assure protocols and education are initiated. The coach will assist the patient in managing and optimizing their care. The coach assures the patient has the appropriate follow up in the congestive heart failure clinic within three days after discharge and arranges for other post discharge needs such as home health or rehab.


Parkersburg Cardiology Associates, Inc. and Camden Clark Medical Center have developed a comprehensive congestive heart failure program whose mission is "To optimize the quality of life for patients with congestive heart failure by providing personalized, compassionate care, through medical management and comprehensive education." It is designed to help patients manage their condition, maintain a healthy lifestyle and maximize their quality of life. It is comprised of a multidisciplinary team, including primary care physicians, cardiologists, specialized nursing care, dedicated transition coaches and nutrition experts.




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