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Through a combination of skilled cardiologists and staff, modern medical technology, and attentive, personalized care, Parkersburg Cardiology Associates, Inc. is the leading provider of cardiovascular services to the residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley region, with offices in Parkersburg, Elizabeth, Sistersville and Jackson County.  A sustained emphasis on, and ongoing excellence in, providing close-to-home cardiovascular care have been traditions of Parkersburg Cardiology Associates for over forty years - and they will continue to be for years to come.

The goal of Parkersburg Cardiology Associates, Inc. is simple - to enable and preserve the patient's best-possible heart health. From a range of outpatient diagnostic services and consultation to 24-hour/7-day interventional coverage and open-heart surgery, Parkersburg Cardiology Associates highly-trained, board-certified, professional staff is ready to meet the patient's cardiovascular needs.  Patients come first at Parkersburg Cardiology Associate, Inc.

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The Congestive Heart Failure Clinic at Parkersburg Cardiology Associates, Inc

 Parkersburg Cardiology Associates, Inc. and Camden Clark Medical Center have developed a comprehensive congestive heart failure program whose mission is "To optimize the quality of life for patients with congestive heart failure by providing personalized, compassionate care, through medical management and comprehensive education."  It is designed to help patients manage their condition, maintain a healthy lifestyle and maximize their quality of life. It is comprised of a multidisciplinary team, including primary care physicians, cardiologists, specialized nursing care, dedicated transition coaches and nutrition experts. Our program offers both inpatient and outpatient therapy to our patients suffering from congestive heart failure. For inpatients, upon admission to CCMC, a patient with a primary diagnosis of congestive heart failure will be seen in consultation by a cardiologist and followed by a dedicated transition coach. The coach will assure protocols and education are initiated. The coach will assist the patient in managing and optimizing their care. The coach assures the patient has the appropriate follow up in the congestive heart failure clinic within three days after discharge and arranges for other post discharge needs such as home health or rehab.

The congestive heart failure clinic is located within the office of Parkersburg Cardiology Associates and will consist of post discharge patients, patients who are self referred and/or referred by their primary care physician. The congestive heart failure clinic is an education and treatment program and is designed to control the patient's disease, prevent hospital readmissions and maximize quality of life. The patient and their physician are active participants in their treatment plan. We offer testing capabilities that include EKG's, echocardiograms, stress testing, lab testing and external counterpulsation. In the clinic the patient will learn medication compliance, be educated on making dietary changes as needed along with making lifestyle changes, such as monitoring their weight on a daily basis. The patient will also regularly see their primary care physician as well. Our goal is to provide the patient's with the support, attention, education and treatment they need to maximize their quality of life.

If you have any questions about the clinic, please call 304-424-4574.

Congestive Heart Failure Clinic

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